With defenders focusing on today’s threats, attacker sophistication is evolving rapidly. Firmware in servers, laptops, and networking equipment has become the new target for adversaries who realize that this is a defender’s blind spot.

Whether exploiting vulnerabilities, compromising the supply chain, or gaining physical access to systems, these resourceful adversaries gain deep access into trusted infrastructure where normal protection and remediation procedures are not enough.

Eclypsium monitors systems in an organization's infrastructure for attacks targeting firmware and devices that would not otherwise be visible. Our technology helps safeguard the critical information and equipment that is vital to your business operations.

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Eclypsium builds on expertise from security research and open-source technologies to defend against threats targeting firmware.

We offer organizations improved visibility for detecting firmware compromise including at the supply chain, detection of firmware vulnerabilities, and improved firmware update management.

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New enterprise systems, network equipment, smart devices, and firmware technologies emerge constantly, and each brings with it a fresh set of security vulnerabilities. It is critical to understand how adversaries can leverage these vulnerabilities to threaten enterprise.

These threats can stay undetected in an organization's infrastructure, ready to attack it at any time.

That’s why the Eclypsium team continues to research vulnerabilities and analyze threats. Based on experience from this research, we develop mitigations and tools that help compensate for attacker capabilities.

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Yuriy Bulygin

Yuriy Bulygin

Eclypsium CEO and Founder Yuriy Bulygin has led the Advanced Threat Research team at Intel Security and microprocessor security analysis team at Intel Corporation. He also created CHIPSEC, open-source firmware and hardware security assessment framework.

Alex Bazhaniuk

Alex Bazhaniuk

Eclypsium CTO and Founder Alex Bazhaniuk has been performing security research and product security for a number of years at Intel Corporation. Alex presented his research at well-known security conferences and teaches popular trainings in firmware security. Previously, he co-founded the first DEF CON group in Ukraine.